These 5 Places Are Best place to have ice cream in Jaipur
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These 5 Places Are Best place to have ice cream in Jaipur

Bored Of Regular Cones & Cups? These 5 Places In Jaipur Are Serving Some Crazy Ice Cream Dishes. These 5 Places Are Must Try In Jaipur For Some Epic & Crazy Ice Cream Dishes.

Cups or cones, sundaes or softies, ice-creams are everyone’s favourite. Come summer and all we crave is those little mounds of ice paradise melting their way through out throat. But just in case you’re bored with your regular butter scotch, kesar pizza and choco chips, try out these uber bizzarre and tempting ice cream dishes in Jaipur.

Here is a list of five places where you can have the quirkiest ice cream pizzas, rolls etc.

1. Igloo- The Ice Hub

For the days when you wish to have something icy cool, head over to this place without a second thought. They serve some amazing chilled dishes to help you chill out in the tastiest way possible. Their mix fruit rollies which is basically an ice cream roll made of fresh fruits is a healthy way to treat yourself. The other favourites here includes Pinacolada Ice Cream Roll, Rocher King Sundae, Choco chips sundae, etc. The awesomest part of their menu is their hot & cold dishes that includes amazing Choco Lava Ice-Cream and Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae.

Location| Shop 4, Panchavati Complex, Panchavati Circle, Raja Park

2. Jal Mahal Ice cream Parlour

This place has been a go-to for Jaipur-ites after a nice lunch or dinner at one of the many places of M.I. Road. Their Gulkand cone, butter soctch, etc. have been our long time favourites. But this famous joint also serves some quirky dishes like ice cream pizzas, ice cream cakes and ice cream sodas. Available in variety of flavours, their Dry Fruit pizza is simply amazing. Try orange tang or kesar ka soda ice cream variants on a sunny day to kill the bluse.

Also, their gaint Jal Mahal Special is an uncontestant treat. They also have some amazing ice-creams by the names volcano, earthquake, etc. Jal Mahal is the kindest of all, it serves sugar free ice creams in multiple yummy flavours like cinnamon, mango, vanilla nad even cassatta.

Location| 85, M.I. Road

3. Naturals

For those who want a natural switch from artificial flavours, this franchise store has got tons of healthy and tasty alternatives. Natural serves some ultra good ice-creams made of 100% natural fruits only. Sitaphal, kiwi, strawberry, guava, mango, coconut, coffee, chikoo, they have got all your favourite fruits compressed into tasty ice-creams.

Location| A 5, Ground Floor, Suryavanshi Pearl, Sardar Patel Marg, C-Scheme

4. Iscream Social

Iscream Social, JaipurThis reminds me of, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream, hahaa! Well, their innovative ice-creams will surely make you scream with joy. Try out their nitrogen ice-cream, it is a treat to eyes and to ofcourse to the stomach as well. This quaint little joint comes with cutesy furniture and decor adding up the much drama to their tastefully dramatic ice-creams.

Location| G-8, Neelkanth Tower, Near MGF mall, C-Scheme

5. Havmor’s Hotch Potch

Havmor is a quite popular brand in Jaipur and you can easily get Havmor’s ice-creams any where around, but what’s special about this otlet is their Stone Ice-Creams. Try their Chocolate Murder ice-cream which is a murderous combination of Chocolate Ice Cream, Chico Chips, nuts and Choco Lava cake on top of it with a humble drizzle of chocolate sauce. It is enough to satiate your chocolate cravings for a week at least, trust me! Their belgian chocolate and chocolate addiction stone ice-creams are also equally delectable.

Location| WTP, Malviya Nagar

Craving for some icy bites? Stop scrolling through the pictures and move to one of these places to satiate your ice-cream cravings with a heartful serving.

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